QR Explore Scan - Authorization


Welcome to the QR Explore Scan integrator!

This service allows you to link a Google Spreadsheet with QR Explore in order to generate individual QR Codes and scan them to log attendance.

There are a number of steps to this process:

Contact our support by email if you have any questions or need additional support.

1. Authorization

The first step is to authorize us to connect to your Google Drive and Google Sheets. This authorization only lasts as long as your session on QR Explore and is entirely in your browser - nothing is shared back to a server.

Ensure that you check the boxes for read-only access to Google Drive and read-write access to Google Sheets. The application will not function without these checked.

2. Google Sheet Selection

Now we need to know which Google Sheet to connect to. If you haven't started yet, it might be work taking a look at our Demo sheet and making a copy in your drive. We also have instructions on how to create your sheet.

3. Tab Selection
4. Field Mapping

We now need to map the columns in your spreadsheet to some required fields for QR Explore Scan:

Unique ID
Text to Show
5. Data Review

Please complete the earlier steps.